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Another Spring Destashing

Hi guys! Back in March I posted about purging a ton of products in my makeup collection. So of course, I’m starting to clean stuff out to move, and I decided to get rid of even more. Some of this is stuff, like nail polish, that I didn’t go through last time, and some of this just needed another push/round. Onto the products! Continue reading

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May Empties and Throwaways

Hey guys!
I’m going through my empties this month. I’ve somehow only gone through very few products this month, as opposed to the past few months where I’ve had a ton of empties. I moved out from college a few days before the end of the semester and so maybe between packing and ending the month early I was using less.
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December Birchbox!

Hey everyone!

So this month, I got my Birchbox a bit early. I woke up a bit later than usual on the tenth, ate breakfast and was going back to my room to get ready when I saw my Birchbox in front of my door! It was delivered around 9:00 AM and my roommate brought it inside by about 10:00 when usually we get our mail delivered around lunchtime. So of course I had to open it up right away and use everything that day! Continue reading