What’s in my travel bag?

Hey everyone! I went home for winter break, and had to consolidate my makeup kit. My break is about a month long before classes start back up. Some of you might be jealous, but every year I find that it’s such an awkward amount of time to pack for. I always want options, but I don’t want to take too much stuff, especially if it turns out that I won’t use it. Plus, I needed both everyday and special occasion makeup.

So the question is, what did I bring with me? Continue reading


Pre-Christmas Haul

Hey everyone! I somehow managed to forget to come on WordPress for over a week… oops! I had teaching assistant duties and a major paper to write by the eighteenth, came home from school, and had all of my Christmas shopping and preparations.

While I was out shopping, I did manage to get myself a couple things. I had a coupon for Ulta, 20% off of my entire order. I also picked up a few things in Target. Continue reading

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October Birchbox #2

Hey everyone!

So… I just ended up using Ibotta, an app that gives you rebates back for things that you buy. Birchbox is on there, where if you buy a subscription, you get $3.00 off. Birchbox also was having a sale where if you buy a subscription, you can get a free Beauty Blender! I currently have the Real Techniques sponge and am happy with that, but I wanted to compare the two myself. I did plenty of Googling comparisons when I first looked at sponges, but wanted to see for myself if a $20.00 product is worth the hype (I’ll go into this in a different post).

For the price, I couldn’t really say no. Continue reading

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Essie Sexy Divide Polish

Hey everyone! I’ve been kind of busy lately with school. And yes, I know, you’re all thinking, but didn’t it start last week? And didn’t you have Monday off because it was a holiday? Yes, but everyone wanted to start off the semester with a bang, and things seem to just hit me out of the blue, every single stinking day. It’s also been insanely hot for summer’s last hurrah and is gross…

Anyway, onto beauty-related things, I tried out a beautiful dark purple Essie polish that I bought in a CVS mini haul. Interested to find out more? Read on! Continue reading

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Essie Fall Nail Look

Hey everyone! I wanted to share my latest nail look – and what will actually be on my nails for the first day of classes (and probably on the first day I have class, as I don’t have any Monday classes). I kept wanting to try more summery looks to go out with a final bang, but between the colors I recently bought and the fact that I haven’t been happy with the majority of my recent nail looks/they didn’t hold up, I’m just going to give up and go with fall shades. Or, y’know, Gryffindor colors.

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