Pre-Christmas Haul

Hey everyone! I somehow managed to forget to come on WordPress for over a week… oops! I had teaching assistant duties and a major paper to write by the eighteenth, came home from school, and had all of my Christmas shopping and preparations.

While I was out shopping, I did manage to get myself a couple things. I had a coupon for Ulta, 20% off of my entire order. I also picked up a few things in Target. Continue reading


Empties Post – November!

Hey all! I somehow managed to finish off a ton of products since my last empties post in October, and several of these were within days of each other! Continue reading


Some Formula 10.0.6 Products

Hey guys! SomeĀ of you may have seen a couple of my posts that mention Formula 10.0.6, so I’m going to tell you more about this brand and their products. Now, I’m going to just say, my skincare routine was essentially my mom buying me a bottle of Olay moisturizer and telling me to use it back when I was fourteen or so, and that was it. I’ve been all alone searching for stuff on the internet (my friends are largely clueless about beauty routines – most of the girls don’t even wear makeup). And this brand is nowhere near the strangest stuff I’ve gotten into, beauty-wise, though it is smaller and a bit hard to find. Continue reading