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My High School Makeup Routine

Hey guys! It’s always fun seeing how our makeup and style changes over time, and how much we’ve learned since then! So I decided to show you two different looks: what I’d wear every day (and all the makeup mistakes I did), and my crazy show makeup that I’d wear for color guard. Continue reading

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A Week With… Too Faced Stardust by Vegas Nay

Hey guys! This week was super crazy, and I forgot to blog! So sorry! (And I’ve been sitting on this and a couple other posts for at least two weeks so I can’t say writer’s block was a valid excuse).

So last fall, I did a couple posts where I showed all my eye looks from a single week, where I only used a single palette. And I decided to try that again by using the Too Faced Stardust by Vegas Nay palette. It’s no longer in stock, since it was limited edition, and these looks all ended up being for the week leading up to Easter. Continue reading

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Makeup Look with Too Faced Country Palette

Hey guys! Way back in September I decided to review the Urban Decay Shadow Box based on using it for a week straight and creating multiple looks using all the colors. I still have a bunch of palettes that I bought within the past three months or so that I still need to review, so I decided to use Too Faced’s Country Palette… and after day one, I decided that I didn’t want to use it for a week straight. But I do have this pretty look that I decided to share with you all!

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Grungy ’90s Eye Look

Hey everyone!

I think you remember my post where I bought the Too Faced Stardust by Vegas Nay palette? Well, I ended up not really wearing it too often, as I have so many new palettes and trios and things. It’s sad. So obviously, the only thing to do is to think about a look I could recreate with this gorgeous palette, and then make it. I’m sure many of you have already seen it – it’s pink and gold, with lots of pretty shimmer and sparkle shades in names that evoke Instagram and Las Vegas.

Obviously, that calls for making a grunge eye look. Which you may know is kind of the exact opposite of what this palette is. The ’90s rock look has a junkie aesthetic that I’ve heard called heroin chic – pale, matte skin and super heavy eye makeup meant to look sunken, smudgy, and dark. For some reason, I’ve never really explored grunge makeup, even though I otherwise love the music and the style. Continue reading

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Fall Look with Urban Decay

Hey everyone! I know Urban Decay just launched their Vice 4 palette today, but I made today’s look with their Vice 3 palette, which seems well-suited for fall. I also used their Revolution lipstick in Strip. Some other new products I’ve used in this look include: Essence I Heart Punk Jumbo Eye Pen, Anastasia Beverly Hills Perfect Brow Pencil in Medium Brown, Benefit Gimme Brow in Light/Medium, and Benefit They’re Real Mascara in Black (which is the only new product that I’ve reviewed yet). So if you want to hear more about these or this overall look, continue reading!

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Urban Decay Shadow Box

Hey everyone! I’m reviewing the UD Shadow Box today! I bought it directly from UD’s website.

The price: $34.00. I had a 10% off discount, so $30.60.

The packaging: It’s a cardboard box with an Urban Decay “UD” logo on the top. I think it has the magnet in the plastic. The plastic is annoying from a storage standpoint, because you can’t stack any on top of it or anything. The prints on the palette are really beautiful. They’re dark and look like smoke, which works well with the title. The inside includes twelve shades and a mirror.

I’ve already said in my haul post that I expected this to be more like the UD Ammo Palette, which includes a brush (but only ten shadows). I’d honestly thought this was the same packaging/size as the Ammo Palette, but it’s not. It is close in size, but not the same. It does seem that there is enough space for a brush. (This Shadow Box is based off the Ammo Palette).

The colors:

Sin: champagne shimmer
Indo: bright metallic emerald green shimmer
Bordello: pale mauve shimmer with gold micro-glitter
Tornado: vibrant deep purple shimmer
Smog: deep coppery bronze shimmer
Blackout: blackest black matte
Flash: bright iridescent purple shimmer
Mushroom: warm gray shimmer
Lost: medium metallic brown shimmer
Freelove: golden vibrant peach shimmer
Moonshadow: bright navy blue shimmer with tonal sparkle
Baked Cowboy: golden bronze shimmer with tonal sparkle

Moonshadow and Baked Cowboy are apparently both new. If you’ve purchased any other UD palettes, you’ve probably come across some of these shades before. Personally, I already had Sin, Smog, Blackout, and Mushroom, the first two from the Ammo Palette and the second two from the Smoked Palette.

Overall, this is a decent palette for creating multiple looks. Sin is the only light shade, for the inner corner or under the brow, which is a little disappointing. I didn’t mind that most of the shades are shimmers, which is funny because that was one of the most disappointing parts of Ammo Palette. Maybe I’m applying things differently.

The looks I created: This is a week of looks. This was my first week of classes, so I didn’t want my looks to be too intense just yet before I scare my professors or anything.. I was also trying a couple different liner colors this week. And I apologize profusely for my brows.100_2314

Sunday. I forget exactly what I used, but this looks like Sin, Baked Cowboy, and either Smog or Lost (or both).


Monday. Sin, Mushroom on the lid, Flash in the outer corner, and what is probably Tornado in the crease/along the lower lash line.


Tuesday. Looks like Sin, Freelove, Tornado, and Blackout.


Wednesday. Sin, Baked Cowboy, Moonshadow, Lost.


Thursday. Sin, Bordello, and Tornado. It’s all about the white liner today, folks.


Friday. Sin, Baked Cowboy, Indo, and either Lost or Smog.


Saturday. Sin, Moonshadow, and probably Baked Cowboy. The liner is the UD 24/7 Liner in Plushie. I love purple liners, partly because they look great paired with my eyes. I wasn’t sure how it would go with the blue in the crease, but I really like it.

The verdict: I really do love this palette! It’s got a great mix of neutrals, darks, and brights. I hope that it’s been apparent that the only thing this palette needed was a second pale shade other than Sin. The Ammo palette, despite having only ten shades, had three light ones: Sin, Maui Wowie, and Polyester Bride. Okay, I still usually went for Sin 75% of the time, but having options is nice! I also didn’t realize just how often I used Baked Cowboy until I wrote this all out.

It’s 100% worth even the full price. I will probably use this for my next overnight trip, which will most likely be Thanksgiving. Storage is a little annoying, and the magnet doesn’t seem anywhere near as strong as most of my other palettes, but these colors make up for it.

So, what did you think? Do you guys want another week of looks for the other palettes I still have to review (UD Vice 3, Too Faced Country, and TF Stardust by Vegas Nay)?

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Benefit They’re Real! Mascara and Liner

Hey everyone! I kept on seeing these ads and things about the They’re Real! line, and honestly just looking at the liner was enough to make me question it. So when I last went to Ulta, I bought the Real Sexy Steal, which includes a full size mascara, mini liner, and mini makeup remover, all from the They’re Real! line. Another option has mascara as a mini and the liner as the full size, if you want to go with that route. Continue reading