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July Birchbox & Shop Purchases

Hey guys! It’s time to review this month’s Birchbox! But this month I had 400 points to spend (and according to Birchbox’s changes to the points system, some would start expiring soon) so I treated myself to a couple extras. Continue reading

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Physician’s Formula Shimmer Strips in Miami Strip

Hey guys! You’ve probably seen the Physician’s Formula Shimmer Strips on Youtube or Instagram or wherever. It’s a multi-use highlighter/eye shadow/bronzer/blush. I have this in Miami Strip.

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Ross and Burlington Haul

Hey guys! While I was home for Thanksgiving and had access to a car (and lots of nearby stores), I popped into Ross and Burlington Coat Factory, which are both overstock stores like Marshall’s or TJ Maxx. I bought a couple Christmas presents, but also some things for myself. I wanted to share this mini haul with all of you: Continue reading

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Start of School Makeup Look!

Hey everyone! I’ve got a first day of school look for you all. As it turns out, I don’t actually have any classes on Mondays, so while it technically is the first day of classes, I don’t actually have class. I do have the all-school picnic, where all the students and staff in the school of architecture get free food and sit outside for a couple hours as the dean introduces the entire faculty and staff. Continue reading

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August 2015 Birchbox

Hey everyone! I’m back, and reviewing this month’s Birchbox, which is a very good haul. I liked all of these, except for the small size of the CC cream (seriously, how many BB/CC creams do I need? I got two of them last month in my Birchbox) and the bronzer/blush. This month’s theme was Soak It Up! and while I didn’t go down the shore this summer, I did enjoy this theme better than Ipsy’s Prep School theme and fall colors.

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DIY Palette

Hey everyone! I’m sure most of you have heard about empty palettes – things like Z Palettes that allow you to depot your makeup and put them into more convenient and streamlined packaging. The thing is, making your own palettes is easy and cheap, and can be more personalized to your makeup collection and style.

I was searching around the internet for some DIY tips, and most of the ones I found focused on taking DVD cases and turning them into palettes, which I think are roughly the same size as the normal sized Z Palette. But I have a large makeup superpalette that I thought could work.100_1734

Ultimately, I plan on making it a multi-tiered palette, as it’s about an inch tall, but I’m going to wait until I’m at my college and have access to a full woodshop. I also have plans to try out a couple other designs that will be fully built from scratch, instead of made from a pre-existing box.

You will need:

A box. Mine’s roughly 11x7x1″. It does have a metal close, with the bow as a decoration/means to keep it from accidentally opening.100_1740

Magnetic sheets. I bought these in the craft section of Walmart – two 5×8 sheets for $1.97.100_1741

A pen.

An Exacto knife/box cutter with cutting mat and straightedge. I just used scissors, as all of my knives are packed up. Only use scissors if you can manage a very straight cut.

Rubbing alcohol to clean surfaces.

Decorations, if you want. I’m not putting any on mine.

Step 1: Clean the bottom of the box with rubbing alcohol, and then place the first magnet sheet into the box, white side up. Stick it in one corner so that it’s flush with the two walls.


Step 2: Press along the crease so that the magnet lays as flat as possible along the bottom and then curves sharply. Line this crease with the pen.

Step 3: Pull out the magnet and cut it along this new line.


Step 4: Peel off the white sheet from the magnet and carefully place the magnet, sticky side down, back into the box so that it’s pressed against one corner. Flatten it with your hand to make sure it’s firmly pressed down and that there aren’t any air bubbles.


Step 5: Repeat until the whole bottom is covered.


Step 6: Decorate and add your pans of shadows, blushes, bronzers, etc.

As you can see, this is a super easy thing to make, and it’s so useful. Most of the tutorials I found were meant to be dupes specifically for the Z Palette, but it’s pretty obvious that you can make your own out of things you may already have. It’s possible that you could reuse other palettes that you already own, or go for things like pencil tins, etc.

If/when I make the second tier to this palette or other completely-from-scratch palettes, I’ll definitely make an update!