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May 2017 Empties!

Hi everyone! I’m back with my May Empties! It’s a bit small this month, and I am not including any throwaways this month! I have another destashing post in the works, so stay tuned! Continue reading

beauty, empties

Another Spring Destashing

Hi guys! Back in March I posted about purging a ton of products in my makeup collection. So of course, I’m starting to clean stuff out to move, and I decided to get rid of even more. Some of this is stuff, like nail polish, that I didn’t go through last time, and some of this just needed another push/round. Onto the products! Continue reading


November Empties

Hi guys! I’m back with my brand-new computer charger, just in time for my November empties!

I’m hoping to put on some sort of empties/decluttering collab/challenge starting in the New Year. If interested, leave a comment below or shoot me an email at . I’m not sure what kind of challenge yet- it’s still in the planning stages.

Onto actual empties now, we have a small number this month. I did go through a ton of stuff in October, though, so I wasn’t expecting to go through a ton of products. Continue reading


September Empties

Hi everyone! The end of September snuck up on me, and while everyone seems to say that every month, I didn’t get anywhere near as many empties this month as I have in past months. Most of these are also mini sizes… In my defense, though, I usually have a couple things that I’m just throwing out because I don’t like/use them, and this month I cleaned out my collection and threw out a ton of things that aren’t part of this post. And naturally I have several things that will get finished off within a couple days, too! Continue reading