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Pretty, Easy Glam Makeup

Hey guys!

I went out the other night for my architecture school’s formal and my roommate’s birthday. I was surprised when they said they wanted to go out for dinner before formal after I had just taken my day makeup off, so I had all of about twenty minutes to get ready. Despite that, I still thought this turned out well and decided to recreate this.

I think this would probably be a good prom look, and is easy to recreate depending on your eye and dress color. Continue reading

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How to: Press Loose and Mineral Shadows and Fix Broken Pans

Hey guys! I have a bunch of loose eyeshadows that I rarely use. Grabbing a palette is easier than picking out those couple shades I want to use from a pile of similar pots, and then pouring out enough powder and tapping off the excess and on and on. So why not press them and stick them into a palette? This method also works for fixing broken pans like eyeshadows or blushes. Continue reading