Pre-Christmas Haul

Hey everyone! I somehow managed to forget to come on WordPress for over a week… oops! I had teaching assistant duties and a major paper to write by the eighteenth, came home from school, and had all of my Christmas shopping and preparations.

While I was out shopping, I did manage to get myself a couple things. I had a coupon for Ulta, 20% off of my entire order. I also picked up a few things in Target. Continue reading

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29 Cosmetics First Crush Lip Scrub

Hey guys! All the way back in August, maybe even July, I bought this lip scrub in Target. I’d never used one before so I can’t really compare this to anything, but I’ll give you guys my impressions of this product. I’m currently all about keeping my skin healthy and hydrated through the change in seasons, because the weather recently has been wintry. It’s already snowed for the first time this season, and this morning the temperature was at 22 F (about -5 C). Continue reading