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Watchmen Look: Beauties on Fire

Hi everyone! It’s once again time for a Beauties on Fire post, and this month’s theme is Superheroes/Villains! I really loved this! There are all sorts of cool color combos from costumes, especially with different patterns, designs, and logos. My favorite graphic novel is Watchmen, so today’s look is based off of Silk Spectre’s outfit, and ties in with the Watchmen logo (yellow letters on a dark background).

If you don’t know Watchmen, it’s a really gritty alternate world where the heroes (who are ordinary humans) are more-or-less retired and dealing with politics and the Cold War. It mostly takes place in the 1980s, but there are plenty of flashbacks and earlier events. It is super violent and pretty graphic but also really thought-provoking and deep. There is also a very good movie that is very accurate to the book down to mimicking panels, but again very deserving of the R rating and three and a half hours long. I wholeheartedly recommend this to everyone who doesn’t mind said rating.

So Silk Spectre, the superhero who I’m basing this look off of, actually is two different women. There’s Sally Jupiter, one of the first superheroes to emerge in New York and who used her position as a hero to become famous. Her daughter, Laurie, one of the characters in the main story, took up the name for a new generation and with a different outfit. Both wear yellow and black, and are without the typical mask or cape. Both of their outfits (both in the novel and the movie) are more about individual pieces with single colors, rather than something like Superman’s S logo or Flash’s gold stripes.

Because of this sort of pattern, I went for more of a colorblock technique on the eye with a cut crease. I brought out my Too Faced Natural Eyes palette for above the crease. I started with Heaven on the top, Nudie below that, and Cashmere Bunny the farthest down in the crease. This is a bit more intense than I normally go for (I usually just use Nudie in the crease) but the black balances it out.

After this I started with my yellow on the lid and inner eye. This yellow was from a Revlon ColorStay quad called Exotic. If pigmentation is lacking, wet the brush for something a bit brighter. A white base probably helps, too, but I never think of that and instead go for a normal eye primer (today’s was the Too Faced Shadow Insurance primer, which does nothing for longevity so I’ll use it when doing makeup I’ll take off right away).

I found that applying black as if it was eyeliner works well for the super-precise lines. So, like my Dragonair liner look from two weeks ago, I’m using an art brush, the Winsor & Newton Galeria Short Flat Bright brush in size 1, and am applying a wet shadow (gel liner works too!). I drew this on both the lid and lower lashline, making sure that the two lines match between the upper and lower lid. I then drew a thin line out as a wing and one in my crease right above the yellow. I then switched to a smudge brush to blend black shadow up from the two, and used a small blending brush as needed.

I cleaned off the art brush with the e.l.f. Daily Brush Cleaner, which is a spray to clean brushes without water. I didn’t want any black or muddled colors for the little bits of yellow I added above the black part of the lid and a tiny bit under the black lower lid. To finish off the look, I added mascara, trying to apply it mainly in the black half of the eye.


And after doing this whole look, I realized it would probably have been a better concept to do a look based off of Rorschach, whose mask is made of this fabric where the black dye moves around to make different patterns (which of course look like Rorschach tests). Oh well.

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-xo, Andi



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