August Empties

Hi everyone! I’m back today with my August empties. Last month I felt like I didn’t have a ton of empties, but I’m back with a bit more this month!

To start off with body is this Zest Aloe Vera body wash. It’s an old bottle that was in my bathroom, probably from my mom since she abandons a ton of products when she gets something new or it gets too hard to get the product out. I’ve been trying to go through some of these old products. I really like the scent – aloe’s just really fresh and calming. Would I repurchase? Yes. I already went looking for it at Target, but didn’t see it, though.

I’m giving up on the Body Shop Tea Tree Oil Cleanser. I tried this on my body, since I won’t put something with so much alcohol on my face. And it didn’t do anything for my body acne. Yet another disappointing product from this line.

I already gave a review of the Soap & Glory Hand Food hand cream. It’s a nice cream with a rose scent, but this one started separating towards the end. I finished it, but I’m not really sure what happened (I had this for about 6 months; the shelf life symbol on the back says 24 months, so it’s probably not expired). Would I repurchase? So long as the next one keeps.

I like the Mario Badescu acne cleanser. It helped control my acne pretty well, though it did seem a little bit drying on drier areas of my face. I switched to the Boscia Detoxifying Black Cleanser (hopefully more on this in a later post) and while my skin is still getting used to it, my acne’s come back a bit more. Would I repurchase? Yes. It’s on my list of goodies to get at Ulta with my 20% off coupon.

I finally got through this Peter Lamas Pumpkin Spice Scrub. I’d prefer more scrubbing beads, and these just seemed to disappear on my face. And since this uses apricot seed particles, it shouldn’t be used too often. I’m not a big pumpkin fan either, and have used a few other scrub/exfoliating products since opening this last fall.

The Peter Thomas Roth Cucumber Gel Mask was pretty nice. I normally use mud or clay masks, so this didn’t get quite as much consistent use. It seemed to have some more hydrating properties than much else that I could pick up on. I’ve noticed that most products with cucumber in them tend to irritate my skin. I’m not sure if it is the cucumber (it’s meant to soothe irritated skin), another ingredient, or something else altogether, but this is pretty much the only product with cucumber in it that did NOT irritate me. Would I repurchase? Probably not.

I finished off my second bottle of Dermalogica’s Multi-Active Toner. It’s a decent toner. It says it’s hydrating, but I’ve had some that are a bit better in that regard. I’m also not a fan of spray toners, since they just don’t seem as effective. Would I repurchase? No.

I used up my three-month supply of my Curology medication. I stopped the service but did see an improvement in my acne and have already seen some whiteheads pop up since stopping this. I’d like to re-subscribe or whatever this was, once I’m starting to make more money.

In terms of makeup, I first got through my IPKN Flash Cream Radiant Primer. This is probably one of my favorite illuminating primers. It gives a nice glow that can be worn alone without looking garish or glittery and under makeup without being lost under foundation. Plus, it has SPF! Would I repurchase? Yes, but not right away since it’s pretty expensive.

I also finished the Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion in original. This is probably one of my favorite eye primers, although if it goes on a little too thick and isn’t blended in well it looks weird since it’s not my skin color. It’s also got nice staying power so my shadow doesn’t crease or fade over the course of the day. Would I repurchase? Yes, and I already have a backup!

For my hair, I used up the Living Proof No Frizz Shampoo packet from a Birchbox. I really love this, since my hair is super frizzy and it especially freaks out when I wash/wet my hair. It helped keep the frizz down very nicely, and is a pretty nice sulfate-free shampoo with good lather. Would I repurchase? Probably when it goes on sale at Ulta.

I also finally got through my DermOrganic shampoo. I showed when I finished off my big refill bottle of this back in around March, but now the little bottle is used up, too! It’s vegan and mostly organic so in addition to being sulfate-free, it’s free of things like salts and dyes for a gentle clean. It doesn’t really lather well, and the lack of thickeners like salt means that the thickness can differ (thinner at the top and thicker at the bottom). It’s safe for color-treated hair. Would I repurchase? Possibly. I’m not sure if it was from using the same product for two years or from using the thicker shampoo from my big bottle recently, but it didn’t seem to do as good of a job cleaning my hair in the last few months.

I also used the R+Co Oblivion Restorative Gel Conditioner from Birchbox. I was confused by this clear gel and its claims. I prefer conditioner for dry, damaged hair, since I focus my conditioner on my bleached tips. Would I repurchase? No.

The R+Co Death Valley Dry Shampoo was a decent dry shampoo. It seemed to clean well and didn’t leave a white cast. Would I repurchase? No, because there are products just as good that are cheaper.

I finished off an Elizabeth Arden Green Tea Scent Spray. I like using scent sprays in my hair kind of in conjunction with my perfume. This one is a pretty, light scent, but it was also an old bottle. Would I repurchase? Maybe.

I went through some of my nail polish, and decided to get rid of my Revlon Nail Art Expressionist duo in Vincent Van Gold. I used it once in the year and a half that I had it, and it’s an oddball shape to store with my polish.

I’m also getting rid of an Ulta Polish in Vintage Violet. I bought this online, looking for a purple, and got this pink instead. I’m not big on pink shades and I don’t care for this shade.

I really felt like I got rid of a lot of stuff this month! Hopefully I’m going to keep up with getting rid of a lot of things!

-xo, Andi



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