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Seven Deadly Sins: Pride

Hi guys! It’s time for another #beautiesonfire post! This week’s theme is the Seven Deadly Sins. I only focused on one, which is Pride.

Traditionally, these seven deadly sins were a bit more abstract than sins like theft or murder. They were all corrupt versions of important traits (such as sloth being excessive rest/laziness).

I actually took a Seven Deadly Sins quiz (find it here), which told you how much of each sin you have. I got medium for all of the sins except lust, which was low.

For me, the easiest sin that I could picture was Pride. To me, someone who’s proud (especially to the point of sin) usually is proud of something that doesn’t matter much to others. As an example, most of the pureblood families in Harry Potter were overly proud of their heritage to the point of discrimination/racism. The worst of them would the Gaunts, who lost all their money and were living in filth but still had their bloodlines. I’ve heard of other stories of people who lost all their money but still had their “good name”, both as fictional and real characters. So Pride, to me, means one trait or aspect that is good, but all the others have been spoiled or lost and so that one trait becomes overemphasized because it’s the only one left.



For this look, I decided I wanted gold and red to mean the really nice-seeming aspects, and then to have some darker areas with cracks and smudges to show how everything else has crumbled away. But the red on the eye look turned into part of the dirtier areas, so it’s mostly just gold as the facade color and everything else as the grime.100_4188

For colors, I used Rap, Pop, and Ska from the Too Faced Rock N Roll palette, Polar Bear from Fyrinnae, and the Nyx Primal Colors Hot Red from my Beauties on Fire Bold post. I used the red as blush again, along with the Ulta eyeshadow shade Eggplant for a bit of a muddy look closer to my hairline/as contour. Laura Geller Gilded Honey was my highlight shade to bring in the gold on the face, and for lips, I used Fyrinnae’s Lip Lustre in Demon’s Desire and the Nyx Soft Matte Lip Cream in Monte Carlo.100_4201

I thought something a bit more wearable (at least on the eyes) would be a bit nicer for this week, since the past few looks have been on the bold side. And of course , my camera decided it wouldn’t focus well. Every time the battery gets low, the focus stops working…

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-xo, Andi



8 thoughts on “Seven Deadly Sins: Pride

  1. Andi you look absolutely stunning! The eyeshadow is perfect, I really like the colours you’ve chosen. I have to add that I thoroughly enjoyed your mention of Harry Potter in this post as an example, utterly perfect, spot on! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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