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Bold Red Makeup: Beauties on Fire

Hi everyone! It’s once again time for Beauties on Fire, and this week’s theme is Bold. I naturally gravitate toward bold looks, but my favorite color to use for extra oomph? Red. Here’s a look a few steps away from everyday wearable, but it’s still super fun!

What is Beauties on Fire, you ask? It’s a weekly collab between around 25 beauty and fashion bloggers, hosted by the amazing Elisabeth over at Everything & Nothin’. You can contact her to join and check out #beautiesonfire on social media (and you can even vote on next week’s theme on Twitter).

First of all, I’m just going to point out that bold makeup will be different for everyone. Winged liner can be bold enough for someone who isn’t used to anything on their eyes at all. And bold doesn’t have to mean more makeup than you’re used to wearing, but could also just mean a different color. But I usually like wearing bold looks, and just wanted to go even further.

Some of my Beauties on Fire looks have been pretty bold already, so I decided to go a different route. I first grew up on show makeup and my makeup style was heavily influenced by musicians, and the two things that scream bold are unexpected colors and unexpected color placement.

I decided on red and went from there. Red shadows are actually very tricky, and I’ve used all sorts of them over time. The dyes in red lip products are usually not eye-safe, and a lot of the other possibilities aren’t always the most pigmented. They’re usually pretty dry and powdery, which can make them hard to work with. Plus, I’m pretty picky when it comes to the actual undertone and shade.

Today I’m using the Nyx Primal Colors Pressed Pigment in Hot Red. It’s more readily available and more inexpensive than most of the other popular choices (such as Sugarpill and Ben Nye). The pigmentation isn’t amazing and needs to be built up for a true red, but I like the look of this when it isn’t super built-up, either. It’s pink-based but usually manages to read more like a cherry red than a pink. For blending the color out directly onto the skin, this works pretty well.

To darken areas of this look, I’m using two different shades. One is a black, of course, but the other is a dark reddish brown. This will be used as a transition between the two and helps keep the pigments looking more like a dark red. I found that Double Tap and Sin City from the Too Faced Star Dust palette worked well. Double Tap has sparkles in the pan, but so few of them transfer that I always just consider it a matte.

When using so much red on the face, you really want to make sure that no redness on the skin is peeking through. I somehow managed to just get away with foundation and a peach color corrector on my undereye area.

The easiest way to start adding unexpected color onto the face is to start with something you’re already familiar with – the eyes. Black goes in areas like the crease and the lash lines. Red goes everywhere – including on top of the black. I found myself extending the crease color into a nose contour. I also was trying to keep the area right above the crease just a bit lighter, so the fade upward into red and brown on the brows popped a bit more.

I kept on switching between three different brushes – a larger blending brush, slightly denser brush more for color placement, and a smaller detail brush.

You can treat this color scheme as similar to contour and blush, but I found that the brown was better than black as contour but that a real contour shade blended in with it worked best of all. I think such edgy colors work well for playing around with color placement and going for things like a very sharp contour.

For lips, I started by using a black eyeliner as lip liner. I then filled in the darker areas of this ombre. I wanted the colors to be similar to what I’ve been using, so used Fyrinnae’s Lip Lustre in Demon’s Desire (a dark shade with red shimmer) mainly over the black and then added a dark-ish red (I used Manic Panic Vampire Red, but would have preferred Nyx Soft Matte Lip Cream in Monte Carlo) on the inner areas. Blend by rubbing/smacking your lips together. Add more red and blend again, if needed.100_4097

So, guys, what do you think of this kind of look? Doing this kind of thing has always been a favorite of mine, even though I rarely get a chance to do this makeup and show it off. And don’t forget to head over to read the rest of the Beauties on Fire posts (which you can find here!

Beauties on Fire Logo

-xo, Andi


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