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How to Become a Bond Girl

Hi everyone! It’s time for the next Beauties on Fire post! This week’s theme is Book/Movie characters. It was tough coming up with a character – I like a lot of sci fi and fantasy, and everything I could come up with was either super simple or too complex. But then I remembered my love of fancy women whose looks and elegance are just stunning, and I don’t know who fits that description more than a Bond girl.

I’ve only seen a couple of the Bond movies – my mom’s not one for a lot of action, my dad’s not one for movies or TV, and these movies are pretty stereotypical and formulaic, so I’ve only seen a couple more recent ones, mainly with friends. But a few months ago, I was channel surfing and found Casino Royale, and fell in love with Eva Green’s looks. She’s beautiful and sexy.

So obviously, I’m basing my look a bit more on Vesper Lynd, Green’s character, especially the smoky eye and red lip she wears with her black dress.100_4033

We’re starting off with the smoky eye. I usually do face makeup first, but a dark look like this can have some fallout. This is actually a pretty easy look (maybe not super fast, but pretty easy). I’m using the Urban Decay Smoked palette for all of the shades.100_4051

First, I’m using the shade Freestyle on my lid and crease, up as a transition color, on a large fluffy brush. You want a shade a bit darker than your skin tone, and don’t make it super warm.

Next, I used a mix of three different shades, Mushroom, Barlust, and Asphalt, on my lid. Mushroom and Asphalt are cool gray shimmers, and Barlust is a warmer brown shimmer. Mushroom is better suited on the entire lid, with a bit of Asphalt closer to the crease. Mixing both with Barlust keeps it a bit warmer and more brown. These shades can be applied a bit lighter (I used the fluffy brush from Freestyle, but then darkened it up just from layering the colors a bit too much). Apply them to the lower lashline, making sure to stay away from the tear duct.

After this, it’s time for the eyeliner. All of Vesper’s looks are really focused on the soft, smudgy eyeliner, and I’m guessing a soft kohl was used. Using a pencil liner (I used both the Doucce Ultra Precision and Urban Decay 24/7 in Perversion at different points), draw a line along the upper and lower lashlines. Use a smudging brush or your fingers to blend it out. I used both a little, and when I used the brush, I’d dip it in more eyeshadow, either the ones listed above or Blackout, a matte  black. Go back and forth, adding more liner and smudging it out with the shadow to build up the intensity. Line your waterline to finish. And then add loads of mascara or false lashes.100_4044

For the face, start off with a flawless base. Add a contour because it’s 2016 (I used the Lorac Pro Contour palette in Light). Why not use a bit of bronzer (Estee Lauder Bronze Goddess in Medium) before applying blush (Milani Baked Blush in Luminoso)? I kept the blush a bit closer to the front than I normally do (just behind the apples of the cheeks) and blended it back.

If needed, go back and use the smudging brush along the bottom lashline again, if it was messed up by the face makeup. Whatever excess is on the brush from before is fine to blend out.

For the brows, it looks like the hairs are brushed downward so the top arch is still visible but it’s an overall straighter brow look. I brushed mine down and used the Benefit Precisely, My Brow Pencil to fill in any sparse areas.

For the lips, Green’s character does the unusual with her red lips. It’s a more muted red, to be sure, and still looks gorgeous. I lined my lips with the Rimmel Exaggerate lip liner in Obsession before using the Revlon Color Stay Moisture Stain in New York Scene. To mute it a little and take away some shine, I laid a tissue against my lips and dusted loose powder over it. I’ve never tried this color combo before, but I really like it!100_4046


100_4032This look is obviously perfect for an evening out. It’s also really easy to change it up. How?

Opt for lighter or matte colors on the lid. Instead of an entire smoky eye, it’s just a smoky liner.100_4057

If black is too harsh, try a brown liner and mascara instead. Or use a color that complements your eye color – a dark purple for green eyes, gold or bronze for blue eyes, or blue for brown eyes. Using this behind a black mascara will mean that it peeps out from behind your lashes and still makes your eyes pop.

If the line is too thick, try dashing the eyeliner instead of drawing an entire line. When you blend it out and focus more on spreading the color sideways along the lashes, it won’t go as high. You can also try different brushes – something a bit wider and firmer feels like it lets me get closer to the lashline.

If the look is still just a little too intense, replace the eyeliner with an eyeshadow. It’s essentially like blending out eyeshadow on your bottom lashline, but also on top! I find that the shadow is usually a bit lighter than the liner, and since blending out the bottom lashline is something I do most days when I’m wearing makeup, it’s something that’s already familiar and a bit easier to control.

Don’t forget to go check out the others in the Beauties on Fire post, which you can go to by clicking the image below:

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-xo, Andi



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