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My High School Makeup Routine

Hey guys! It’s always fun seeing how our makeup and style changes over time, and how much we’ve learned since then! So I decided to show you two different looks: what I’d wear every day (and all the makeup mistakes I did), and my crazy show makeup that I’d wear for color guard.

First up, the everyday makeup. I’m going with a few things that I did at different times, all mixed into one, because I usually would have different phases for pretty much every product out there.

I only started wearing foundation in twelfth grade, and would glob on a too-dark shade with my fingers. I was using the Color Girl Clean foundation in what I think was shade 125 or so. I ended up wearing this mostly on days when I’d have gym class, to counteract any redness from being active.  I would focus the product mainly on my cheeks and forehead, without really blending them in to each other or the rest of my face. As a teenager, I had barely any acne and didn’t really have to cover anything. My current product (L’Oreal Infallible in 608) isn’t dark enough and still doesn’t look as caked-on as I feel like I’d wear.


I’d use a concealer under my eyes (which, yes, are naturally that dark and red and have looked like that pretty much all my life), and for a time I remember using the Maybelline Dream Mousse concealer (along with others that I forget). Usually I ended up with the wrong undertone, and I applied it with an angled eyeliner/brow brush. I also didn’t know that I had to set this or my foundation! And now I think I used the Maybelline Fit Me in 120, but I could be wrong.

I’d occasionally wear a white gold eyeshadow by a brand called Flirt, which is now out of business. This shade here (which I believe is Fyrinnae’s Polar Bear) is a bit too gold, but I don’t really have anything else that’s similar. I didn’t like wearing pinks or browns because it didn’t look like I was wearing any shadow. My other favorite shades included a shimmery indigo blue and a lilac, but they were more for special occasions.100_3798

I went heavy-handed on eyeliner! I started wearing it everyday in eleventh grade, and would use a liquid pen on top and really smudgy pencil below. I wouldn’t really wing my liner (which I accidentally added and then had to remove) but would end up with often-uneven and super thick liner. I can’t remember if I lined my waterline or the lashline on the bottom, but it smudged and faded on its own throughout the day (which I forgot about, and of course now I have better-setting liners that didn’t quite smudge as much). I’d usually connect the inner corner. For a while, both of these were from Maybelline (I’d use a pen in a pink tube that I got in Germany, then a twist-up liner in a green tube). I used the Absolute Nano Liner and Doucce pencil liner. For mascara, I’d usually buy the classic Maybelline Great Lash in black or get samples from Estee Lauder from either my mom or grandmother. This is the It Cosmetics 5-in-1 mascara.100_3801

After this, I decided to apply blush. I rarely wore blush day-to-day, mainly because I’d go a bit heavy-handed and one side of my face would be way higher than the other. I’m blaming color guard for my heavy-handedness. I would use the Cover Girl blush in Rose Silk, and so chose a similar color – Nyx blush in Pink the Town.100_3804

I would usually go for lip balm in colorless packaging or cherry for a slight flush. I wore gloss sometimes, but my real lip gloss days were in middle school.

I didn’t use any brow products, and would actually pluck/shape them so they thinned out and down and more or less didn’t have any arch and were really wide-set. Combined with all my eyeliner, my eyes looked pretty sad for a long time.

To finish off the look, I parted my hair on the left, but with my bangs along this diagonal from the right, which I wore for a couple months in eleventh grade. Again, really weird. I forgot the hoop earrings, which were my staple!100_3805

Okay, now it’s time for crazy show makeup! I blame this for my heavy-handedness at makeup and willingness to go bold, especially since I was taught a lot of this makeup before really experimenting a lot with everyday makeup. We’d have to have our expressions visible across either a gym or football field. I started color guard in middle school, and my first year had bright blue eyeshadow and pink lips and cheeks. Yikes! I’m going for my tenth grade outdoor season’s look.

By the way, a lot of the makeup was done on a school bus on a highway. I’m confused as to how nobody ever poked their eye with a mascara wand.

I didn’t really wear any foundation or base makeup for this, so I’m going to apply the Smashbox BB Cream for a light base to help tone down my acne/redness (since I didn’t have it back then).

I’d usually just start with eyeshadow. I’d use a quad from Rimmel (I think it was called Smoky Noir). Taking a silver/light gray, I’d put it on my browbone and extend it to my hairline. Follow below with a medium gray and a black. I would just use the palette’s applicator and no eye primer, so the colors, especially the black, weren’t super vivid.100_3806

Next was eyeliner. We’d wear it along the entire upper lid, extending out to the hairline, and then only halfway along the lower lashline. I always managed to get that end super blocky and squared off, rather than figuring out how to get it to fade nicely, and this didn’t do it justice. Chances are, I probably just never sharpened my pencil. I think I used the same sort of pencil as the Maybelline twist-up mentioned above. Sometimes, we were told to use mascara, and other times we were told not to bother with it. I put some on, anyway.

I can’t remember if I was supposed to wear blush for this particular look, but I put some on just to show how intense our blush had to be (and it probably could have been even more intense). For the lips, we were supposed to wear some sort of dark berry or brick or brown shade, and my lip pencil/crayon wasn’t exactly the right shade. For this, I went with the Rimmel lip liner in Obsession.100_3814

The hair was a bit complicated. We had three little sections from in the front of our hair wrapped in straight, diagonal lines to the crown. Pieces of silver would be twisted in, but I don’t have any. Then we would have a bun with the ends of our hair sticking straight up in spikes. My current blonde tips may not have been acceptable, but I’m not sure (fashion colors were not). Any sort of show hairstyle used lots of bobby pins and Aqua Net, but I was a bit lax this time since I didn’t need crunchy, hard hair.

And that completes my high school makeup routines!100_3818

I think some of my favorite bits about doing this is actually thinking back on all of my rookie makeup mistakes and laughing at myself.

-xo, Andi


2 thoughts on “My High School Makeup Routine

  1. johnnielynn says:

    Lol this was such a cool post.. Got thinking back to my ha makeup ability is beyond cringe worthy. Too much eyeliner and enough glitter to make a disco all jealous. I also did my makeup on the school bus… Mostly because I would wake up to the driver honking outside my house lol…

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Catherine says:

    This brings up so much memories from my school makeup that cracks me up. I wasn’t fan of the eyeshodows so mostly I would wear an eyeliner on my waterline and that’s it. No eyeshadow, no mascara just this and some blusher like yours. I’m laughing hard remembering those fail makeup days of mine

    Liked by 1 person

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