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March Empties and Throwaways

Hey guys! I’m still cleaning out some products that I’d been stockpiling, so there’s a lot of empties this month! 

The first two products are from home, everything else is from college. 100_3404

Once upon a time back when I was in high school, I bought a raspberry body butter from The Body Shop… and never used it all. Since it’s so old and expired, it’s getting thrown.

Would I repurchase? Probably. I liked this scent, unlike many of the others.

I first started using the Dermorganic shampoo back in summer 2014, and after using up my 12 oz bottle, I bought this jumbo-sized one and would just refill the small bottle with this. This big bottle is finally empty! I like the scent, which a lot of other people don’t – it’s kind of an herbal/health food store kind of scent.

Would I repurchase? Most likely. I wouldn’t mind trying a couple other brands, though!

I’m through with this Marc Anthony Coconut Oil Conditioning Treatment. My conditioner worked just as well, and I’m not crazy about coconut scents.

Would I repurchase? No.

This travel-sized Dermalogica Precleanse may just be my favorite oil cleanser I’ve tried! It worked well, had great ingredients, and smelled amazing. This travel size could have used a pump, though.

Would I repurchase? Maybe. It’s expensive.

In the same vein, I also got this mini Dermalogica Special Cleansing Gel. It has a similar scent as the Precleanse (but not quite as good). It’s a pretty nice daily/normal cleanser. I normally use an acne cleanser, but this is good if I wash my face in the middle of the day or am adding in extra acne products like masks and don’t want to overdry my skin or something.


Would I repurchase? I already have two travel sizes to go through! It’s also expensive, so I might not buy it again.

The BareMinerals Blemish Remedy Gelee Acne Treatment Gelee Cleanser was really nice. It only has 1% salicylic acid, which is very mild, and other nice ingredients for better skin! I don’t think I saw that much improvement with my acne, unfortunately, although otherwise my skin felt pretty nice.



Would I repurchase? I’m not sure. There are so many other products to try…

This Dr. Brandt Pore Dermabrasion was a nice exfoliant. It’s pretty easy to use, just put it on your skin, wait three minutes, and rinse, but I just never thought it was amazing.

Would I repurchase? No.

I’m apparently sensitive to this Yes To Cucumbers Daily Calming Moisturizer, which I don’t understand because it’s for sensitive skin. Fail. I always dismissed the tingling/burning as just putting something else on my already-irritated skin. Turns out, I can’t use this, so I’m throwing it out.

I’m done yet another bottle of Formula 10.0.6 So Totally Clean acne treatment (which is applied like a toner). I’ve talked about this product a lot before, and while I like it, it’s got a ton of alcohol in it so I use it primarily on my body acne.

Would I repurchase? I already have another bottle, but am currently trying The Body Shop’s Tea Tree Oil Toner, and if that’s better I may just convert to TBS (though I’m not counting on it).


I really liked this CoverGirl CG Smoothers BB cream. I’d use it more as a hydrating primer under foundation, since it was so lightweight and super sheer coverage. But it has SPF 21, which is a nice amount for a drugstore BB cream.

Would I repurchase? Yes.

I decided to try the Maybelline Better Skin concealer instead of my usual FitMe a couple months back. It was okay and had the same problem of not being pigmented enough, though it was better than the FitMe. The FitMe will get a weird texture after a couple hours, and this wasn’t as bad.

Would I repurchase? I’ll say no. I’d prefer more coverage for covering acne, scars, and dark circles.

This Ulta Extreme Wear eye primer was a free gift ages ago, and I rarely used it. I just like my Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion better. This is also a more liquid formula, which has always seemed a bit weird. I’ve never found any Ulta brand products that I really like.

Would I repurchase? No.

I rarely used this Hard Candy Raining Men palette. Most of the lighter shades aren’t pigmented, and instead look like glitter, with the fallout to match. There aren’t any mattes for a good crease/transition color, either, and most of the shades were chunkier shimmers. Also, when I would open this palette up, I’d make the same two or three looks with it because I’d always be attracted to the same few shades.

I’ve had this mini Estee Lauder blush brush from about the beginning of time. It was undoubtedly given to me with other free gift products from Estee Lauder, probably back in about 2007 or ’08. I used this during spring break, and it was just very scratchy. I didn’t take care of this for years, which was probably the main thing.

Would I repurchase? Not this specific brush (if they do still make this kind of travel brush). I’d at least consider a normal-sized blush brush, though.

That’s it for March! I love finishing products up because I always have a million and do want to declutter and get rid of things. And hoarding them all to throw away at once makes it feel like it really is an accomplishment. So then there’s the “I finally used this up, time to add it to my empties box” thought, and the “look at all these things I finished this month” thought.

-xo, Andi


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