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Makeup Look with Too Faced Country Palette

Hey guys! Way back in September I decided to review the Urban Decay Shadow Box based on using it for a week straight and creating multiple looks using all the colors. I still have a bunch of palettes that I bought within the past three months or so that I still need to review, so I decided to use Too Faced’s Country Palette… and after day one, I decided that I didn’t want to use it for a week straight. But I do have this pretty look that I decided to share with you all!

The cost: $36.00. I had a 20% off coupon, I think, which would mean that it was $29.80.

The palette: It’s a typical nine-shade Too Faced palette, so it comes with three large bases and six smaller shadows. It comes with three makeup looks, each using one row of colors.

The packaging: I always like these palettes, as the metal is sturdy and they’re always more uniform. My two biggest complaints are that there’s no included brush/space for one (useful when travelling), and that the spot to hold the directions for the looks covers the mirror.

Specifically to the palette, I like it. It’s a little over exaggerated with the borders on the top being ropes that wrap around to make hearts and cowboy-like stars being embedded in the hearts. This palette does refer to country music, rather than cowboys or anything, and while elements of cowboys have been embraced by country music, I think the whole lasso thing isn’t all that realistic. The inside is white, with gold lettering.

The shades: There are several more natural shades, and a bright pink, a purple, and two blues. All of the shades but two are shimmers, and of the two, the brown has some sparkle in it. One of the lighter bases is more of a pearl or satin finish than a shimmer, but it’s still definitely a shimmery palette. There’s a lot of fallout and very little color on Y’all, but I found most of the others were easy to use.

I do have to admit, before buying this palette I was always put off by the bright pink shade in the center of the palette (Paper Roses). But it’s so gorgeous, very bright with gold undertones, and I really like how soft the formula is. All of the colors are actually very pretty, though do need to need to be built up a bit to get full coverage.

The thing about me using this palette every day for a week is that I don’t always wear these sorts of shades. The brights all are so similar that they go together too easily, and there aren’t enough neutrals in the palette to pair well with it. If it was twelve colors instead of nine, I probably would have been able to go a full week, but I felt like I could only maybe get four max like this before getting bored.

The look:

I used Cowboy Take Me Away as my crease/transition color, then Famous in a Small Town on the browbone and inner corner of my eye. I used Y’all on the lid, possibly Paper Roses, and Rhinestones on the outer lid. I used Dolly on the crease, and both Dolly and Rhinestones on the bottom lash line.

100_2984 100_2975


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