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Revlon Color Stay Moisture Stain

Hey everyone!

Good news! My house’s heating and the upstairs shower are both fixed! And I finally managed to buy thermal curtains to replace the cheap dark brown ones in my room, and I’m getting packages today! One of the packages is from The Body Shop, so be sure to watch out for that haul post!

Anyway, back when I was first getting into lip products, two brands’ packaging stood out to me: Butter’s Liquid Lipstick and Revlon’s Moisture Stain line. Both of them were in rectangular tubes instead of the usual circular ones. I also had no idea what either product was, though thought they were similar. I first tried the Revlon line, and it is honestly a bit of an oddball product.

The price: I’ve seen these in the $7.00 – $9.00 range, and are available pretty much wherever Revlon is sold.

The packaging: It’s similar to a lip gloss tube, with a doefoot applicator. The tube is rectangular, as I said before. The top and all of the edges on the bottom are black, with the rest of the tube clear. All text is white. I really like this packaging, as it’s distinctive and looks higher quality.

The product type: It’s kind of like a thick, vibrant gloss that fades into a stain. It has wonderful color payoff and shine. I haven’t come into contact with any similar products, though I suppose liquid lipsticks that aren’t matte may be similar.


New York Scene after applying.

The application and wear: It’s a thick, flat doefoot wand. You have to be careful that nothing ends up too thick (such as at the corners of your mouth or along the edges). I found that the moisture/glossy part only lasted a few hours (between two and four), though the stain lasts for a while. The timing is a bit of an odd thing. It can smudge and stains the area around your mouth quickly, though at least it’s not sticky.


New York Scene after about 2 hours and 15 minutes.

The colors: I own two shades, 005 Parisian Passion and 045 New York Scene. I did previously own 030 Milan Moment. New York Scene is a red – it looks more of a dark brick shade in the tube but appears lighter, closer to a true red, and has a slight pinkish hue to it. Parisian Passion is more of a berry or plum, and again lightens as it fades down. Milan Moment was more of a coral, and it mostly seemed to make my mouth look like I’d been eating Cheetos, especially once it began fading and lost the shine. Color payoff and time until fading was about the same for all three. Once it’s stained/faded, the color lasts forever.



This stain was after a little over 2 hours. My shirt sleeve kept falling down over my hand and smudging this a bit.

The verdict: I wish the shine lasted longer on all of these, or if it lasted less time to be able to create the normal stain as the main effect, but I still like them. I usually don’t like gloss for the stickiness/gloopiness and scents, but these are a nice alternative with vibrant color payoff and a lack of stickiness.


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