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29 Cosmetics First Crush Lip Scrub

Hey guys! All the way back in August, maybe even July, I bought this lip scrub in Target. I’d never used one before so I can’t really compare this to anything, but I’ll give you guys my impressions of this product. I’m currently all about keeping my skin healthy and hydrated through the change in seasons, because the weather recently has been wintry. It’s already snowed for the first time this season, and this morning the temperature was at 22 F (about -5 C).

The cost: $10.00 at Target. On 29 Cosmetics’ website, it’s listed for $24.00, and I have no idea why there’s such a huge change in price.

The packaging: This is a metal lipstick tube, and it’s a gorgeous one! It feels more high-end, especially with the 29 logo on one end raised into the metal. I like the tube application, as it’s easier to apply than a pot/jar. This came in a little cardboard box, but I don’t remember what it looked like.

The brand: 29 is based in Napa, California, and uses grape seed extract to add health benefits to the products. Grapes are high in antioxidants and offer anti-aging effects. It goes off the idea that all your products should have these kinds of benefits to them.

The scrub: It goes on like a lipstick and feels like a slightly thick balm. I leave it on for a couple minutes, rubbing my lips together, and then wipe it off with a tissue. It has all of these brownish spots inside of it, which I first thought would feel like exfoliating crystals, but you don’t feel any sort of exfoliating bumps or anything. The first time I used this, I thought that maybe there was just a thin layer at the very top of the tube that was only beeswax and that none of the exfoliators got on my lips. It still exfoliates, though, and I never feel anything. Honestly, I doubt I’d want to feel any exfoliating on my lips, as they’re a more sensitive area and it might feel too harsh.

The results: I don’t use this consistently. Sometimes I use this every day. Sometimes it’s more like once a week. The longer you go before using this (or the more lip products you use) the more it will try to remove. I will sometimes end up with patches of skin that didn’t come off fully, especially on skin right where my lips touch, but it will otherwise leave my lips feeling soft and looking better than when I started.

The verdict: I like this scrub. It does its job pretty well, is easy to use, and it doesn’t feel too grating on my lips. It’s great for someone who wears matte/ liquid lipsticks or has dry lips. I think the fact that it sometimes doesn’t remove all of the skin is from the fact that the patches end up in an odd spot for when you rub your lips together and is usually the place where my skin will start to dry out or peel first. I also might have needed to wear this for a bit longer.

Have a great day! Andi


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