Grungy ’90s Eye Look

Hey everyone!

I think you remember my post where I bought the Too Faced Stardust by Vegas Nay palette? Well, I ended up not really wearing it too often, as I have so many new palettes and trios and things. It’s sad. So obviously, the only thing to do is to think about a look I could recreate with this gorgeous palette, and then make it. I’m sure many of you have already seen it – it’s pink and gold, with lots of pretty shimmer and sparkle shades in names that evoke Instagram and Las Vegas.

Obviously, that calls for making a grunge eye look. Which you may know is kind of the exact opposite of what this palette is. The ’90s rock look has a junkie aesthetic that I’ve heard called heroin chic – pale, matte skin and super heavy eye makeup meant to look sunken, smudgy, and dark. For some reason, I’ve never really explored grunge makeup, even though I otherwise love the music and the style.

I originally decided to make a full grunge makeup look for one day, but didn’t get a chance to photograph it. I liked the look so much that I decided to recreate the eye look and post it (the rest of the look isn’t anything out of the way, and I’ll tell you more about how I did that down below). The second time around wasn’t quite as successful or intense, but it’s still a bit of a head-turner.

So in the nineties, as far as I can tell, matte was pretty much the finish of choice, and honestly a shimmery finish probably would ruin this eye look. So I went with Chandelier, Millennial, Girl’s Night, Double Tap, and Sin City for a wide variety of colors. I really like the first three – they’re similar hues in different tones, and while they ended up a little warmer than I like (I prefer more tans/browns than the peachy shades) they’re perfect for this look. The warmth makes it look like I haven’t been sleeping properly, especially because these colors are everywhere around the eye. Double Tap, a gorgeous maroon that’s matte (the slight sparkles in the pan don’t really show up) goes well with that idea.


Essentially, this look is made by layering and blending and then layering and blending again and again and again. The eye is in a circular shape, for some reason, so the inside gets about as much color and attention as the outside. I also went heavy on the eye pencil and smudged it out with the shadow, and used mascara. And while it’s a fun look, it can come across as a bit intimidating.


The face makeup that I went for was, again, kind of matte. I used a matte face powder and kept contouring light, with no highlighter and just a bit of bronzer to emphasize that I do actually have cheekbones. I kept my brows a bit messy but went over them to fill them in and make them a tad darker than usual. I probably should have worn a lighter shade of foundation, as well, but oh well. And with how the eyes are supposed to look, I could have also skipped concealer under them.

There are so many great ’90s lips to go for! Grunge was apparently big on either nudes or reds, especially in mattes, but I went with a brown in a non-matte formula (Urban Decay Revolution in Strip over Rimmel Exaggerate lip pencil in Obsession) for a more fall vibe.

The results? I’m going to have to tone down this look a little more for a decent everyday look, but it definitely is a fun change to my usual styles. And if you’re thinking that this isn’t too bad, remember you’re seeing the tamer version.


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