My Guide to Finding Great Deals

Hey everyone! I’ve got a lot of makeup that I currently want to buy (but when do I ever not?) so I wanted to tell you all how I prioritize what I buy, and also a little bit of how I get some very good deals on things. If you’ve read any of my recent hauls, or even a couple of my reviews, you’ll see that I mention prices and that lately I’ve rarely been paying full-price for anything (and if I have, it seems like I’m still getting free gifts or other things in return).

This is just like grocery shopping! Kind of. The same principles apply.

  1. Have a list of things that you would like to own in general. I’d say it’s a bit more than a wishlist. It doesn’t have to be a super-specific product, it could just be something like “red lip liner”. Decide if there’s a specific brand to try, or if you’re fine with something more open.
  2. Establish a budget. Plan if/when you buy more expensive purchases (and how much flexibility you have for each purchase).
  3. Figure out where you can buy different products. Just because a brand is sold somewhere does not mean that their entire line is.
  4. Look at prices of the products at each store. Are there any incentives to buy a product at a specific store (discounts, sales, coupons, free gifts). Look at circulars, join an email list, and if offered, sign up for a rewards program.
  5. Comparison shop! Choose the one that makes the most sense for you. It’s not just the cost of each item that you have to think about – are multiple items all found in one store, saving you the cost of gas or shipping? Are you getting free products? If there’s a BOGO 50% off sale somewhere, do you really need two items from that brand, and if you do, how does the total price compare to a place with lower prices to begin with?
  6. Realize how long these deals last (and how often another, similar one comes along). You can figure out how quickly you have to act. Is it a special one-day or weekend-long sale? Is it a coupon with an expiration date in six months?
  7. Prioritize things based on that (and then re-prioritize as needed).
  8. Always make a list of things to get from a particular store. You can usually place these into a shopping cart on the store’s website for figuring out how much it should be, even if you’re going to the physical store. There’s a much larger chance of sticking to a budget this way.
  9. Know how to use the clearance shelf. Picking one or two things up that you would have bought in the future is one thing. Buying one of everything offered is another.
  10. Wait a day or two before going to the store or placing an online order, if it’s possible. It gives you another chance to review your list (do I really need that? did I forget this?). And you may stumble on getting an extra discount or fast-acting freebie through an email offer.

Did these tips make any sense? It’s kind of hard to number them, as some of this (prices at different stores and places where I can buy things) is a bit more of just remembering things. Some of these are also not sequential, like if I receive an offer from a specific place I know that I’d buy things there. It seems that high-end makeup is more likely to be the same from one place to another, so getting a discount at one store is always a good thing.


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