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Too Faced Melted Lipstick

Hey guys! I’ve got a ton of products that I know I have to review, but I figured I’d share this with you all as quickly as possible because this is much more of a summer color, and it’s still August, people! We can have one last hurrah before getting bogged down by classes and work and the weather getting colder.

So I bought the Too Faced Melted Lipstick in Melted Coral. I bought this on Too Faced’s website and had a special 20% off my first order code. If you haven’t already been on their website and asked for email subscriptions, you can just sign up for those to get this code. The only downfall is that the code is very selective – it doesn’t apply to anything already on sale or marked “new” (which seems to be kept on products for at least six months). This code also expires after a week, so if you’re not sure what to get just yet or are a little low in your bank account right now I’d say hold off on subscribing.

The cost: Normally $21.00, but I bought this for $16.25.

The packaging: This comes in a box, with the background of the front and back the same shade as the lipstick. The other sides are black, and the text is all in the lipstick shade, black, and a reflective gold. It definitely makes an impact. At least with the color I got, the box seems kind of in-your-face and the logo, in a refined cursive script, seems out of place.

The tube itself is again in the same color as the product inside. I like the tube better than the box, as far as everything working together. The gold cap and the way that the gold on the tube reflects light make the entire tube look more refined than the box did. The applicator is a dream, combining the texture of a doe foot wand with the lipstick-shape that dispenses product that most tube products have.

It’s also a decently sized tube. I think I might have seen images of sample sizes or something, and those stood out in my mind, because I always thought this product was tiny. No, it’s got 0.4 fl oz (12 mL), which is twice the size of my Butter LIPPY Liquid Lipstick.

The application process: Easy, as I said above. You squeeze out as much product as you need (and you don’t need a lot) and use the applicator on the end to place it where you want. I will say that the color does end up along the inside of the cap.

The color: I’m still on the fence about this color. I think that part of it was from picking it out online. It ends up looking a little too orange in certain lights and after it begins to fade, and I generally stay away from orange lips – something about them reminds me of Cheetos, like I just ate a bag of them and got the powdered cheese all over my lips or something. But yes, it is highly pigmented and has a nice shine to it, I find that you can wear a thin layer of it for less intensity, but this shade looks more Cheeto-like that way, especially as it loses most of its shine.

UD Strip on left. TF Melted Coral on right.

UD Strip on left. TF Melted Coral on right.

The formula: It’s very even. It doesn’t really dry out, so it is kind of liquidy/creamy, but it doesn’t get sticky like gloss. It doesn’t feel like there’s a ton of product on my lips. It’s long-lasting, but as it never dries out fully it is transferable. It stains a little, and it’s not really either hydrating or drying.

The verdict: I like the product, but probably should have chosen a different color. Now that I’m at school and the closest store that sells Too Faced is over an hour away (and I don’t have a car), it won’t be easy to do in-person swatches, but I will probably stick to some of the more neutral pink shades.


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