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Benefit They’re Real! Mascara and Liner

Hey everyone! I kept on seeing these ads and things about the They’re Real! line, and honestly just looking at the liner was enough to make me question it. So when I last went to Ulta, I bought the Real Sexy Steal, which includes a full size mascara, mini liner, and mini makeup remover, all from the They’re Real! line. Another option has mascara as a mini and the liner as the full size, if you want to go with that route.

The cost: This trio cost $24.00, which is actually the same cost as either the full size mascara or liner on it’s own. So if you’re going to buy either of these in black, get one of these boxes instead for some freebies!

The packaging: The box shows the three products you get. I threw out the box but from looking at it online, it looks like the size that they’re printed at is the size that you get.

The mascara is in a gray metallic plastic, darker than silver and lighter than gunmetal. It’s got an interesting and distinctive form that I can’t really explain well but that also appears to a lesser degree on the liner. It’s kind of minimalistic with text, and I like that it does look a bit fancier than my usual drugstore mascaras in their neon packaging.

The liner is in black plastic though the cap has a diamond pattern where the diamonds themselves are black and the linework to form them is a dark gray. I think the linework is meant to show what color each pen is, so, say, the purple one would have purple lines on it. The text is in a reflective silver. I’m not quite as crazy over this packaging. I’ve seen a lot of advertising for this, and so this reminds me a little bit more of some seductress’s fishnet stockings or something (as opposed to how fishnets are used in, say, punk culture). The full-size liner is probably better than this mini, because something about it reads almost cute.

The makeup remover is in a small matte black tube, with silver and white text and a more reflective black fishnet/diamond design. The cap is also black, and if the silver doesn’t reflect the right colors it can look a little dull.

Also, I’ve always been just a little confused by the name. Unlike a lot of brands that seem to emphasize the fact that there’s a product there (case in point: The Falsies for a mascara conveying that you get all the coverage of false lashes) They’re Real! seems to denote that it’s more of a natural thing when it’s obviously not. And the makeup remover being part of this collection is just a little odd.

The liner: I always use eyeliner before applying mascara, so I’ll review these in the order that I use them. It’s a push-up gel liner, which means that it’s part of a general trend in makeup so that the product comes out through the applicator instead of being placed onto the applicator. To push the gel up, you have to twist the bottom like you twist the bottom of a deodorant stick (as opposed to twisting an automatic eye/lip liner). When you first use this you have to twist the bottom a ton to first get some of the product out.


The application: The tip of the liner is a very flexible piece of rubber, which is a little weird to use. It’s also got a kind of weird notch shape. I’m used to a liquid pen, which is a lot less flexible and relies mostly on just the pressure and angle that you press down on to get certain thicknesses. I’d say this is somewhere between a liquid pen and a normal liquid brush in terms of flexibility/application, and that while it’s nice along the lashes (yes, it does seem to really “hug” them like is advertised), it’s a bit harder to control if you’re winging your liner or making a line thicker and there’s less to guide you.

The only good thing about this is that you can actually apply it to the waterline, unlike liquid liners. I wasn’t able to get it as pigmented on the waterline, and it did fade after three/four hours. For an overnight trip or just in my bag this might be better than carrying a liquid pen and a pencil, especially as a mini.

The mascara wand: There’s always two things about the mascara that really matters. The first is the formula, and the second is the wand. This wand is rubbery and very flexible, as opposed to a traditional spoolie. There are some slightly longer spikes at the end, which I don’t really understand because mascara always clumps up there and you’d just get massive amounts of the product coming off in a really unflattering way. But it applies very deeply and I was able to get incredibly close to the base of my lashes without much effort.


The formula: Really worked well. It was dark and thick after just one coat, really adding volume. It’s also a very dark black – my lashes are a dark brown and sometimes it feels like I don’t even need to wear mascara because they already look nice, but I could see a huge difference as I applied it. It can get a little clumpy, but another pass with the wand can break that up. I’d love to try this in blue – the only time I’ve ever tried colored mascara I felt like it wasn’t pigmented enough and just showed up as a tint.

The wear: Both of these wore well.  You can smudge the liner a little when you first apply it, but once it’s set it stays in place. The liner is kind of hard to remove compared to my liquid pen, but I don’t remember what other gel liners are like (this is currently the only one in my collection) so can’t give you a better comparison.

Lower left - liner Upper right - remover

Lower left – liner
Upper right – remover


The remover: I haven’t used it on my face, but the tests on my hand worked well. It’s more of a lotion, and the hole for the product is tiny, which I really like because it seems a lot more precise and better for fixing makeup while you apply it. It’s a clean scent.

The verdict: I really like this mascara. As long as my budget allows, I’ll probably buy this again, though I currently have a ton of mascara to go through before I’ll rebuy. I’m a bit indifferent about the liner. It wasn’t a completely amazing game-changer, and I’m more than happy (and more used to) my liquid liner. I usually end up thinking to myself, oh, I should try this eyeliner today instead of my Revlon if I use anything else. It’s better if I just want a thin line close to the lashes or for travel/on the go where I need fewer products, but I’ll probably buy this again only if I end up getting more used to the application. The remover is going to last me a long time and I probably won’t repurchase it as I normally end up with free makeup remover samples – this is the first one I’ve ever bought and I already have some normal makeup remover liquid and a lotion I just started (and with how this package worked, I essentially got it for free anyway).


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