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Essie Bell-Bottom Blues

Hey everyone! I recently bought this shade of polish from Ulta. It’s part of the fall 2015 collection, which is filled with several amazing shades that I want. And of course, after wearing my last look for three days, I decided to mix it up a bit and delve a little deeper into the realm of nail art.

Bell-Bottom Blues is described as an “intense midnight indigo” but it goes so far beyond that. It’s a midnight indigo with a tea blue direct highlight and a bit of a purple indirect highlight. It’s also got a shimmer finish. It’s the normal Essie formula. You need 1-2 coats (for this look, I used one and then went back in to touch up a couple areas).

I also used Pure Ice polish in Silver Mercedes. It’s a metallic silver. It’s one of those cheap Walmart brands, but I don’t mind it, as the few colors of their line that I’ve tried have very good coverage (1-2 coat opacity) and are actually quite a thin layer of polish so it can feel like you’re not even wearing any polish.

I made this super easy racing stripe look with some tape. My biggest suggestion is to do one hand completely (or at least, all of the coats that require the tape to be on) before going to the other. This method takes longer, but it’s much easier to work with than when you have tape on all your fingers. Make sure the tape is pressed against your nail or else you’ll get polish underneath it.

100_2064 100_2052


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