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CVS Mini Haul!

Hello everyone! So today, my sister moved back to her college and right before she left she handed me some coupons to CVS, some of which expired today. There were a $3 of a $15 purchase of lipstick, nail polish, foundation, and mascara, a $5 off beauty, and a $1 off coupon. And I walk in and there’s a sale on Essie, Buy 3 Get 1 Free.

I was excited that they might have had Essie’s fall collection in, but it didn’t look like it. The front display was picked over and if it was there all the colors were sold out. The normal display in the nail polish aisle didn’t seem to have markings for the fall collection, either.

My haul:

Essie Peak of Chic – “alpine white holographic rainbow fringe”

Essie Penny Talk – “an authentic copper metallic”

Essie Wrapped in Rubies – “a rich and deep burgundy with gold undertones”

Essie Sexy Divide – “a bold deep purple with hints of shimmer”

Nyx Butter Lipstick in Candy Buttons – a bright coral pink (weirdly enough, all of the places I’ve seen these at have candy-themed names, but the Nyx website lists a completely different set of names. The closest this seems to come is to Neon Lights, which is called a “deep coral.”)

These were all exciting to get, and I loved the fact that it cost under $25.00, including tax! And while I have bought a lot recently, I buy most of my products in the summer as I have access to more stores and more free time.


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